Pictured : Multi BISS Champion AirlieBlue Shades of Apollo, our foundation dog, 'Dino' , the first Blue to Win a breed specialty in Australia. His legend lives on in his  many successful grand ,great grand and GG grand kids!



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Australias  No.1 blue breeder. Specializing in  quality blue danes.

No. 2 Best Great Dane Breeder DOL  national point score 2010

No.3 Best Great Dane  Breeder  DOL national point score 2009



Welcome to Thunderfire Great Danes!

Many years ago, a love since childhood, of the giant dog that captured my imagination from when I saw my first Great Dane, a brindle sat majestically outside a shop when I was 5 years old, then a huge harlequin on a TV show when I was 12, led me to what you see before you.

When I saw my first blue, something happened quite fantastic, and as many might find their calling in life suddenly , I knew this moment was going to alter me

and my destiny. And so it was to very first Blue Dane, you will see herein was Inca, who not only changed history for the Blue in Australia, but helped set me on a course that set me apart from others.

The Blue was always considered the 'poor relation' of the Great Danes, in the show ring, maligned and rejected by the breed fancy and judges

alike. It was this bias, my Taurean will not to accept being told I couldn't do something, and in this case, I would 'never win' with a Blue Great Dane, , and my love of the Blue that drove me on to achieve the unachievable. The story is told in these pages.

 I have been in danes since 1982.

 I now breed sparingly for my self and only have puppies available occasionally. 


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